Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fellows Program and Dinner

As I have pointed out before Bear was awarded a wonderful scholarship opportunity.  He along with 25 peers, Kat included, were treated to a week of education in the pro-life issues.  This was part of their training as recipients of the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow award.  Read more about it by clicking here.  They had education and team building activities including dancing, horse back riding, and all kinds of things.  We met with the fellows group at a formal reception one of the nights.  I was so impressed with these young men and woman.  They were interacting with parents, politicians, and contributors with such kindness and grace. It was a beautiful learning experience.  

Kat was the first one to speak.  I know her mom would be so proud of her.  I know her dad was and so was Pooker, J and I.
I can't even begin to tell you how proud of this young man I am.  He is maturing into a beautiful man of God.  His passion for the life issues has not changed at all but this program has helped him find his voice. Texas Right To Life has given these young adults so much by inspiring them to continue to fight for the unborn while giving them the tools to do so. 

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