Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mom's Day

Yesterday my dear husband and children granted me a sick day.  Mom only gets those on rare occasions.  I was so sick.  The twins had it first and it is slowly hitting everyone.  I hear that it lasts for weeks.  I had a fever, chills, aches, sore throat and was getting what felt like a bad cold.  After a day of rest I felt well enough to join the kids for Mass and some fun but I was still out of it.  Jumba was feeling a little under the weather also.
So J did it again.  He and kids tracked down a real surprise for mom.  In the past I have shared how much I love Bro. Mathew's art work. He was a talented monk who painted many things.  He painted nature and spiritual things, a favorite was various images of the Blessed Mother.   J spent months and months searching before and in February of 2012 he game me a Bro. Matthew.  I talk about how happy that made me here in Enjoying Being Spoiled by My Family.    These are not easy to get your hands on but J kept at it until he could track down a Holy Mary one for me.  I am so psyched.  I didn't think I would ever own one and yet J and kids have made it possible for us to have 2 of them.  I feel so honored.
The kids also know how much I love Steake N Shake.  It was a staple in St. Louis for us and for me it reminds me of home and spending time with my mom, sisters, brother, aunt, cousins, and Mommom. I pray that Mami-Bit (My aunt) and Mommom (My grandma) are resting in heaven.  
J didn't even have to pick up the tab the kids split the ticket after driving across town for this yummy treat.

Twin Beautiful

Now onto a new adventure, let's try some chocolate.
Pooker and Goobers knew of this place and invited us all down for a treat.  i love Chocolate covered strawberries and they bought me several.  I enjoyed one but saved another hoping that I would feel even better later in the day.  I did and the strawberry was delicious.
Look at those huge cakes on top of the counter.  I need to spend more time at the bar!
Beautiful in Pooker's arms.

Twin Adorable holding daddy's hand.

Adorable - Beautiful

Twin Beautiful

A sick mommy

Twin Adorable
The day was wonderful.  I wish I felt better but even so, I was touching heaven today.  I am so blessed that God has trust me with this bunch of people.
I love this crazy group of wonderful people!
Being a mom isn't about the gifts that I get on Mother's Day but about this bunch of awesome people that look to me for guidance and leadership.  I have tried hard to guide them to Christ.  I have not earned their love and respect but I have been blessed by it.

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