Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Enjoying Being Spoiled by My Family!

St. Valentine's Day is one that always escapes me on how to make it be tons of fun for others. My hubby and kiddos take great care of me. They spoil me and I love it. J spoils all the woman in his life and we all are blessed by it.
Years ago J got us flowers and as much as I loved his thoughtfulness I have never thought that $70 of flowers was a good use of money.  He is smart man and sent me chocolate covered strawberries instead.  Now those make me happy. 

This year he ordered the girls their own so mom didn't even need to share.  Then He delivered some to Pooker who is having a tough week of exams.  Goobers grabbed this shot of Dad's 6 girls eating their chocolates together.
The good news it that they shared with the boys. 

J then got out the surprise he worked very hard to order for me.  I had no idea what it was.  To be honest he was a little nervous and that made me nervous. 

I love the gift so very much.  He found a Bro. Matthew for me.  That would be the art work of a now deceased hermit artist.  This man was known locally in the foothills of rural Missouri for his simple artwork that was painted on pieces of wood from old barns.  Visit here to learn more about the art and the artist.

My aunt, cousin, and mom all own some beautiful pieces that are very moving and I learned yesterday now very very very expensive.  Bro. Matthew's nature scenes don't command the same price.  Now I own one.  I am so excited and proud of it. 

I was shocked to learn that J has been trying to buy one for years.  Bro. Matthew would paint one piece for one of the highschool auctions in St. Louis each year.  My aunt had a friend that knew him so she was a contact person, or at least this is how I remember it.  He was a hermit and you never knew if he would paint for you or not.  My aunt valued her painting and over the years picked one up for my mom and her daughter.  I always wanted one.
Some day I hope to own a  religious one as well but this is beautiful.  My husband has spent years tracking auctions and trying to find one we could afford.  I am so happy!  (and spoiled)
I admit that I knew exactly what it was and who painted it as soon as I saw color on the wood.  Just Beautiful.
Dinner was at my favorite place.  J and I had a delicious seafood treat.  Yummy!

We came home full and ready for a show.  The kids treated us to their own after dinner theater.  I love it.  I must tell you that I went to sleep last night feeling so very blessed.

I can't really even sum up the theme to the performance but I loved it.  J and I have the most wonderful house full of Valentines ever.


  1. So blessed! Sounds like a perfect day :)

  2. You were most certainly loved yesterday. And with twins on the way you SO DESERVE IT! Congratulations! I can't wait to 'blog' meet your new precious babes.

    Have a blessed weekend and thank you for your kind comments on the blog.


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