Monday, December 1, 2014

Gooooo Pooker

We are all so proud of this one!  She started her classes today to become a full fledged paramedic. I know that she has a lot of work to do.  I also know that there is nothing she can't do once she sets her mind to it.   

(These are Pooker's pictures that she posted on FaceBook.)

(Taken from Cypress Creek EMS)
This morning, 33 students started their journey to Paramedic Certification here at Cypress Creek EMS. Through CCEMS’s Accredited EMS Education program, Lead Instructor, Rob Atripaldi will spend the next 12 months preparing these students to become successful paramedics in the field of Emergency Medicine.

I would say Good Luck girl,  but in truth you don't need luck!  She is working hard and is being trained well by some of the best. Instead I will say that I am extremely proud of her.

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