Saturday, November 29, 2014

How Far Would You Go to See a Clydesdale

I love the Clydesdales.  I guess it is a sense of pride for me being from St. Louis.  We would tour Grant's Farm and the Anheuser Busch Brewery and our favorite part was visiting the horses.  The Clydesdales were always so big and beautiful. During the last short visit to St. Louis that a few us took we finally got a chance to visit Grant's Farm.  It is set up very differently these days.  Almost too commercial.  It now costs a fortune to get a picture with the horses.  I think that is crazy.  While in St. Louis I didn't even let the kids know how much it upset me.  Fast forward to a weekend here in TX and Goobers says that a Clydesdale will be at her HEB.  We missed the time and decided, on a hunch, to visit the next HEB on the same road.  We guessed right and got our photo op moment for free.  The handlers said that they were from the Brewery Location in St. Louis. J and I were probably more excited than the kiddos were.  A little bit of home and a little bit of childhood came for a visit. 

One last peek as we drive past.  By Timmy  (that is what the kids think the horse's name was). 
 Who knows if we will get a chance to see the horses again.  Next time we are in St. Louis we might try to make a quick visit to Grant's Farm.  It is a good place to visit for the historical reasons and the animals.

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