Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dad's Family Christmas Exchange and Dinner

After the family pictures we headed back to J's sister's house.  It was now time to have a T family Christmas party. 

All the family fun and gift exchanges was fun but the best part is watching J enjoy the time with his family.

Looking at all that family!  Life on earth is lived for family moments like this.

This was the "time" Christmas with very sentimental family heirlooms.  
Gramps gave Bear a special pocket watch that Nanny gave Gramps for a wedding gift. 

Jason was given his father's Rolex that had been his grandfathers.   
The other boys were also given watches.

They are now one classy looking group.    

Sadly gramps can not longer give you the time.

I pray that your family time over Christmas was as warm and loving as our Christmas.  

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