Monday, December 29, 2014

Day with the Kellers

Time in St. Louis means time with as many of our dear friends as possible.  Time with Fr. Tom and his mom was a full day packed with all kinds of exciting visits.   

It didn't take Mrs. Keller long to win over the twins.

Even though it was just a little over 30 degrees we spent some time just playing outside.
What is that a remnant of "snow".

Old and young they all love Mrs. Keller.

After a trip to  Psghettis for so my favorite sandwich in St. Louis we then asked Fr. Tom to take us on a formal tour of the Cathedral Basilica St. Louis.  We have seen it dozens of times but not with any tours. 

The funny thing is that as we toured this extremely beautiful building others thought we were an official tour group (I guess because of our size, Fr. Authority and the fact that his mom was an official tour guide for years.).  Our group grew and grew as we walked along.
Fr. Tom was so gracious as answering everyones questions but it let it be known that the T-family kids got special privilege.
The above chapel is where Goobers, Bear and Sugar all made their first Holy Communions.  Possible made hers in the main sanctuary.

Bear and sugar are recreated a picture, I just need to locate the old one.  

I have always loved our Lady of Perpetual Help.  I had to grab this shot.
Oddly enough, and this is a "the world is so small story" by the time we were half way through our tour our group was well over 50 people.  Two of those people just happen to live within two miles of our homes back in Houston - actually from our very parish.  We didn't know them.  Isn't that crazy?  Such a small world.

The kids understood that listening to Mrs. Keller and to Fr. Tom was a blessing in this situation.  We got so many extra details.  They were very good at sharing this time with the crowd of strangers.  Every now and again the twins would get worried that the others thought Fr belonged to them.  They would walk up, hug him as if to say "don't forget you love us!", then come back with their siblings.

Gotta get the St. Louis "cake" pictures before they disappear. 
Wait another cake . . . we visited the old St. Ferdinand Shrine and Historical site.
Fr. Tom helps run this place and took the kids on their own private tour.  We started with ringing the bells.  The neat thing is that in about 5 minutes a neighbor came by to check on the shrine and make sure that it wasn't being attacked or vandalized.  I apologized for the noise and he said that is was awesome to hear the church bells ringing the neighborhood again.
There are so many cool things to learn about in this very old church.
Saint Rose Phillipine Duchesne lived here, taught here and then after other adventures eventually died here.  Twin Beautiful has the middle name of Rose in honor of this holy woman.  We had toured this place two and half years ago before finding out that I was pregnant with the twins.  I remember praying for all my children and for whatever was causing me to feel so during that trip.  Later we discover that it was baby related and wanted to use the name Rose.  

I love touching history.  Here is the history of our faith in way in which we can see it, touch it, and relate to it.

My Rose with her namesake.

Day ends with a visit to an Italy Buddy of the kids.  I am told we made Rosemary's day.  She was thrilled to see the J and his family but not so happy with Fr. K.  When he was transferred she took it personally.  Maybe our visit helped mend her feelings.
Again great family time visiting such special people.  
What a great day!!

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