Thursday, September 18, 2014

TV Play!

It cracks me up how the kids take to heart whatever they watch.  If I read a story about a battle the kids spend the afternoon swinging swords.  If we look up an old tv show on YouTube everyone spends the afternoon singing the tune.
This was one of our favorites for awhile.  The older kids sang along and the twins got hooked.

Pickle and I spent our time this summer watching as many of the Dr Whos as we could stand. It seams like he and I often spend our spare time enjoying a show together over the summers.  (I will miss that when he gets too old)  Jumba joined us when the stories were not too complicated for him. 

If you watch Dr Who you might recognize this creation.  I returned home from grocery shopping to find the inside of the Tardis in the school room.  These kids are so silly but so creative in their play.

It isn't an exact match but I know what it was right away. As long as I don't see any weeping angels we are good!

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