Friday, September 19, 2014

A Nothing Day Where Everything Happens

Today was to be a simple day.  The kids got a little time to play outside before we got into our daily school work.  I looked out just in time to watch four of them do silly dances on a very old picnic table.  The table just gave away.  Thankfully no one got hurt (good thing - because I was laughing pretty hard watching it happen.)

It is time for the twins to be out of their cribs and into big beds.  I still want them close so we rearranged some furniture in the master bed room and created a little twin corner with two toddler beds.  They were not happy about this but liked playing on the beds.

Mom with Twin Beautiful as she points to the big bad and calls for daddy.  He was out of town so she was out of luck.
 Twin Beautiful above and Twin Adorable below. 
 This one is smart she tried to negotiate her way out of bed.  She offered her pumpkin bread.
 This guys decides to add to chaos by loosing a tooth.
 The twins hang on Pickle.  I guess after dad Pickle is most likely to help them avoid bed time.

Before getting ready for bed the twins read a book on the Kindle.
I love the sleeping twins.  They ended up falling asleep in their beds and doing just fine.  They have grown up way too fast.

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