Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fun Back In Houston

J loves to cook, be fun with the kids and do all kinds of crazy things.  So many people are shocked at how much J likes it when I leave town and leave kiddos behind.  Honestly he handles the day to day stuff of young ones better than mom.  He is also the fun parent, pulling out the tent and allowing everyone to camp out in the living room.  The poor guy does feel that his birthday should be a national holiday and we were gone for it again this year.  Some of kids made sure he would open fun gifts on the big day.  Sugar is very good about that kind of stuff. 

Pooker took him the kiddos out for a nice dinner on his birthday as well.  This man is very loved by his family.

Fun - Fajita - Football !  Life with mom gone and dad in charge means a good time!

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