Monday, June 30, 2014

Catch-up Posts

We have been so busy that I am over a month behind in catching up.  Here are links to each of the posts.

6-12-14  Sleeping Beauties

6-14-14  Last Dual Meet

6-16-14 Bagel's Birthday


6-17-14 My Crazy Boys

6-18-14 Special Cuda Awards

6-18-14 Flash Card Pictures

6-19-14 New Camera

6-20-14 Cuda Spirit Week

6-21-14 Cudas Win Divisionals

6-23-14  Awe They Love Each Other   

6-24-14 My Newest Little Helpers

6-24-14  Bagel's Cake Time 

6-25-14  Distractions

6-26-14 No More Dance

6-26-14  Fighting Distractions 

6-26-14 L Family Send Off 

6-28-14  Coach Bear

6-29-14 Invitational Weekend

6-29-14 Blessings for Missionaries 

6-30-14 Cuda Awards Ceremony

6-30-14 Summer Schooling

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