Monday, June 16, 2014

Bagel's Birthday

We all love this special young lady so much.  We thought she was our baby girl for so long.  She is tough, smart, creative, happy and energetic.  Now as a 10 year old she will change the world. 

Bagel wanted to go to Chick Fli A to celebrate so we worked that into our day.
The twins loved the time in the play area.  I love that they still let me take their pictures.  The older ones are getting more and more camera shy. 
Adorable in pink and orange and Beautiful in blue and yellow

Jumba is such a great brother.  He hangs with the big kids when they want him around but is always there to help the twins when they need him.

My birthday girl is so beautiful.

She loves nothing more than to be surrounded by her family.
Here Bagel is showing off some of her birthday gifts. 
And a swim team friend gave her a yummy dum-dum lollipop bouquet. 

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