Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

My hubby is a wonderful daddy, he really is.  Pooker shared this picture on Facebook and wrote "
He secretly loves babies more than we do. We really have one of the best."  and that is very true. The best gift I could ever give my children was that of a good and loving man to be their father.   I know I did just that.  We had a simple day and with the older kids all working we felt blessed to get everyone together. 

We went to separate Masses and we try not to.  Sugar worked hard to create the perfect dinner and family time when everyone got home.  After dinner, J read what Pooker posted on FaceBook, he said those words were the best present he could ever receive and he means it.  Time with his children is what makes this man tick.  They are so blessed, and so am I to have him as my hubby.  Pooker summed it up so well.
So I got off my 26ish hour shift this afternoon a little bummed because I missed Mass with daddy on this Father's Day. I did have a direct bee line view of the tabernacle, alter and crucifix though which allowed me to really reflect on the love of a good dad. A father providing for his family is one of the most incredible things we get to witness in this life. The sacrifice of a dad always reminds me of Christ crucified. They die to themselves everyday to provide for their ch...ildren. My dad is one of those incredible men. His love for his family and children is beyond anything I can convey in a Facebook post. I truly am so blessed to have such an inspiring man in my life. Thank you for being the best example of a faithful and caring daddy. I pray that I can be with someone who will be to my children, what you are to us. Thank you for instilling 80's music in our brains from birth, thank you for dad jokes when life sucks, thank you for supporting me and for just being there. Thank you for praying for each of us on your knees every night. We truly are blessed to have you, dad. I love you! Thanks for your sacrifices and for keeping us close to Christ with your example of true love. Happy Father's Day!
My only response is AMEN!

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