Friday, May 9, 2014

Prayers For Every Ambulance

Pooker has just finished the schooling part of her EMT Intermediate.  We are so proud My understanding is that she will be taking the national tests soon.  She is doing well in her classes and in the field.  I am sad to hear how the real world is.  I sit here and homeschool the kiddos without really understanding how unkind the world it.  I don't see it day to day the struggle that Christians face.  Pooker has shared a few stories from school and from the field.  (Never about the patients.)  It does make me sad.  I am so grateful that there are people like Pooker that love mankind - because of their love of Christ.  They might be almost alone in the fields but I am so thankful that they are there. 
Pooker did her research when looking for where to work.  She decided that Cypress Creek was where she hoped to seek employment as she continues in her studies in the emergency care field.  We are so happy for her that she was hired by CCEMS.  I might be just her mom talking here but Cypress Creek is lucky to have her.

Cypress Creek EMS:  From their Website

Quality of Organization
The Team
CCEMS is the 9-1-1 provider for approximately 500,000 people in the contemporary Northern suburbs of Greater Houston, Texas. We respond to over 20,000 calls per year with an all MICU level fleet (no inter-facility transfers). We offer aggressive protocol driven off-line medical control, the finest tools and equipment, and special operations programs such as Tactical and Bike Medics. Medical direction is provided by a Board Certified Emergency Physician who previously worked as a paramedic, “gets” what we do, and routinely responds to calls.

Do you pause when you hear an ambulance drive close?  Do you offer a prayer? When you see an ambulance drive by, what do you do?  My mom taught my siblings and I when we were very young to pause and pray a Hail Mary every time we heard the Sirens.  She reminded us to pray for those inside, even if they were not in critical condition they might be scared.   
  • My mom had walked with a neighbor for years every evening, always pausing the conversation to pray a Hail Mary when they heard an ambulance. One night the neighbor asked if it had to be the Hail Mary.  Mom laughed and said of course not.  The neighbor was Lutheran and loved that mom always prayed but she wasn't going to offer the Hail Mary.  They started praying the Our Father together after that. 
  • My sister Kerry was preparing for her wedding, and cleaning our her soon to be home one Saturday morning.  She heard sirens and offered a quick prayer.  A few minutes later a police officer showed up at the door telling her that her fiancé had just been in a critical accident.  There had been a fatality but he would be fine.  She was so thankful that she had paused and prayed.  Her soon to be husband was safe. 
  • I was in a horrible car accident while pregnant with Princess. I was hit head on and broke my foot (they stopped counting at 319 brakes).  When the ambulance showed up I keep telling them that I needed them to stop checking me and to check my unborn baby.  They were worried that I would go into shock and then preterm labor.  At only 24 weeks the baby would struggle to survive.  As we drove to the hospital from the accident scene the young EMS gentlemen could not find the baby's heartbeat with the stethoscope but we all knew that was a long shot.  He then found a way to check and seeing him smile when he heard the strong heartbeat gave me so much peace.  I appreciated his kindness so very much in my moments of fear.  Since that day I pray for those being rescued and those doing the rescuing. 
I ask that you also pause a offer a prayer each time you hear an ambulance go by - or in my current location we often hear LifeFlight go by (helicopter ambulance).  It doesn't matter what you pray but pray.  Those souls all need your prayers, the patients, the crew, and their families. 
My prayer is that I never need emergency help again  Thank you to all those that study and work in this field.  They give of themselves and often to those that need it the most.
Congrats to Pooker - We are so proud of you!

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