Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I love being a mother, it is who I am.  I have been incredibly blessed in the children that have been sent to me,  those children on earth and those in heaven.  The role of mother is not easy and most often I feel like I failed.  "Heaven is the goal!" and as long as I get that across to each of them - I will have done my job.  I am so thankful to have had a wonderful Mom, MamiBit - My God-Mother, Mommom, and Grandma.  All have taught me so much about what is really important.  Each of these woman loved me and I am a better person because they cared enough to teach me about Him.  Now it is my job to pass that on.

I got to spend the day with my kiddos.  They decided to do whatever I wanted them to do.  We started off very early to see our dear friend make his First Holy Communion (7:30 AM Mass was almost too much for us!)  Congratulations John B.  We then came home, ate breakfast and changed.  We then went out looking at houses again.  This can be so stressful for all of us.  The oldest kids want to be a part of all decisions but at the same time know that they time at home is much less than their younger siblings.  I have a certain style I like.  Jason has a price range he likes.  And even though I picked the activity I am still having trouble committing because I hate living in Houston. After looking, debating, arguing and then looking some more we got wings. 

After the wings we headed out again and tried to see more homes but found an old park instead.  This park had one of those "spinny things" (Possible's word for a merry-go-round.)  this old park also had an old metal slide.  (One of those vary tall ones that are now banned from most playgrounds but were very common 25 plus years ago.)  The older kids saw these toys from the car and demanded that we stop and play.  I used the time to call my mom - Love you Mimi. 

 After the park, combined with the early start, the kids were wiped.  J took some of them to the pool when I stepped out to get diapers.  So the day ended with a calm episode of a TV show and everyone was off to bed.  I sit here typing this with two thoughts.  1) I wish I was a better mother. 2) I am so thankful for the wonderful children, husband and moms that are in my life.
I really got a haul this year!  A box of my favorite movie watching candy, a refillable cup with a straw (pink so no one else will want to borrow), a funny Easter shot framed, Bose headphones (Dad had heard me complain about all my headphones disappearing - the kids have been told to not touch these at all, and a unique homemade book - each page making me cry and it was all wrapped up with a singing card.  They thought of everything.  I am so blessed and I pray that all mothers out there feel equally spoiled. 

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