Friday, May 16, 2014

Cute Twin Story

 Around the time the twins turned two years old we were out and about one afternoon.  We had made it to noon Mass and this particular church did not have a cry room.  The terrorists twins were as quiet as they could be for about as long as they could be.  I took them outside the building while the rest of our entourage stayed behind.  We were in a little patio area that was surrounded by green bushes and flowering plants.  There was a set of stairs (just 3 steps) in front of us with a short path.  The steps were wooden and had plenty of places for young ones to grab hold for climbing up or down.  The path way was lined with hedges and at the end were blooming lilies. 

Twin Beautiful on top of Twin Adorable
Twin Beautiful decided that we should all explore this path way and pick some flowers.  She had no problem getting down the stairs quickly and was darting to the plants.  I was in fast pursuit in hopes to save some of the flowers for the next poor soul that must leave Mass.  I looked back to notice that Twin Adorable was still on the top step and was looking quit scared.  "Come on babe, you can do it."  I tried to encourage after she grunted at me.  "Just take a deep breath, hold on to the post and take your step."  She shook her head at me, grunted again and called her twin, "Gop-Ka, Gop-Ka".  I smiled at her name for her twin, knowing that there was no way Twin Beautiful was going to come all the way back to help her sister climb down just three steps.  "Come on Ga-Ka, leave Gop-Ka alone and just take your step."  Twin Adorable grunted and shook her head at me, I started to portest but then I saw that Twin Beautiful had just arrived. 
Twin Beautiful came running back, climbed the stairs, grabbed her twins hand.  The smiled at me and then continued to take each step one at a time TOGETHER!  There is something so cute about twins and how they can read each other.  Adorable knew that Beautiful would come running.  I don't know if my kids even trust me as much as they trust each other.  I bet that is another example of that child-like way in which we are to trust in God. 

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