Saturday, May 17, 2014

Congrats to the New Deacons

We were asked to join in the festivities surrounding the dioceses ordination into the deaconate by Simon, he had been assigned to the parish of Sts Simon and Jude.  This young man asked the family to help greet his guests in honor of his family that were unable to attend (due to the distance as they are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and we were thrilled to obliged.

 Simon and some of his volunteers before the ceremony.


After the ordination we met up with dad at the St. Mary's seminary to celebrate.
We then headed to Sts, Simon and Jude for Deacon Simon's first Mass as Deacon.

We were off to the reception where everyone would have fun!

 The music started and so did the dancing.
Wow what a party, we had a blast.

Congrats to Simon!  The church is blessed by these young men and their addition to the ordained.

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