Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

I know that everyone likes to share Good Friday shots of kissing the cross and various changes to the church.  Not us, after we participate in that stuff we stay up and watch The Passion together.  If you have made your first Holy Communion then you are old enough to join in the movie.
The movie is always long, and never easy to watch.  As a Catholic it helps us to long to unite with Our Lord in Holy Communion of Easter Sunday.
 So around midnight we head out to wait in line at all our favorite out to eat foods.  This year was extra special as we had given up going out to eat for Lent.  We gathered back at home to indulge and share.  It was late but I love the crazy little traditions we have as a family.
 I am so blessed to get to share the ups and downs with life with these remarkable children.  These people teach me every day about my faith.

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