Thursday, April 17, 2014

A NUTTY Sweepstakes in honor of the Nut Job

Are you looking for a cute family flick to have on hand this Easter weekend?  Please allow me to make a suggestion.  The Nut Job was released this week. I suspect your family would enjoy it as much as we did. 
I had hoped to see this one in the theaters when we saw the preview before another movie.  Unfortunately the school year got away from us and we missed it.  We got to watch it at home instead and enjoyed it.  I loved that it captured our attention and allowed for a real discussion afterwards.  This is not just a feel good movie with a predictable ending.  This movie has a lot of surprises.

This is a movie full of lovable characters.   I loved hearing my elementary age children debating who the best character was.  The main character is Surly, who starts off as a very selfish minded squirrel.  There are bad guys and good guys, leaders and followers.  I liked that in this story (like in real life) there is room for all personalities.  Everyone is needed with their own talents.  Not all leaders can be trusted and some will surprise you with their humble hearts of service. 

Visit the official site to purchase the movie, play some games  and learn more about the movie by clicking here. 
Now it gets Fun!!!!     I have 5 Blu-Ray DVD copies of the Nut Job to share with the readers of ALL THIS AND HEAVEN.  If you want to enter my nutty sweepstakes and win one of the movies send an email to  Put the Nut Job in the subject line in the body put one child's name.  I will take emails/entries until  Monday April 21st at Noon.   All submissions will be put into paper form and shuffled.  Then my five youngest will each pick a winner. I will send an email with the winners names by Monday Midnight.  Enter each child's name in a separate email but we will only allow one movie win per household.  The movie will be sent by Wednesday morning.  Good luck, you will enjoy this fun family flick.
I am off now to get our family copy back from the twins.

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