Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goals for 2014 - UPDATED 4-1-14

As the New Year rolled in I set aside 5 basic things that I wanted to focus on for the year 2014. I promised monthly updates in hope that it will keep my focused on accomplishing these.  Here is the original post:  Goals for 2014 as posted on 1-4-14

1)  Replace Holy Mary Tree Topper:  Check
2) Create Heirloom Quality Christmas Stockings:
 At this point I don't have any progress on this one.  I am most excited about this goal and sadly I have worked on this very little.  I did snag another pair of jeans for the cause.

3) Improve Flexibility and Stamina:
Moving more and more.  Still  over weight, still love food and still not sure how to get moving.  I am not giving up just still plugging away slowly.  For Lent we have given up going out to eat all together. This has been so hard and yet so rewarding.  We are all feeling a little better and even though I weigh the same I now crave a big old salad from home.  So life is changing slowly but surely.

4) Move Into a Home That Better Fits This Big Family Needs:
I am more confused now than I was before.  I want a better home for our children and for our comfort.  I hate living in HOUSTON.  BUT  we are here with a good job, good friends, good healthcare, and good homeschool laws and homeschool support.  Do we work to move now while the houses are at a prime before even more people move in or do we wait one more year.  If we are to move where should we go.  Houston is so BIG that the choices are endless.  I end each weekend of house shopping with a headache and a heartache.  Please pray for me that I can do as God wishes and not as I wish, and that hopefully that can be made clear to us.

5) Be Adventurous:
We are living our life for us and not for others.  From the outside it doesn't look like anything has changed at all in our home.  I guess in our home nothing has changed but our hearts are changing.  We are stepping out of our comfort zones and trying new things.  I am personally trying to embrace the gifts that I have.  In trying to not be prideful but still be helpful I organized a group for a parenting book club.  We are only meeting a few times as we read through a parenting book but I am trying to share the wisdom that I have gained over the years while learning from my peers at the same time.  That was not an easy thing to do.   We have also made some plans for a small adventure this summer.  Still working on details but enjoying the thoughts of it non the less.
I do like having to revisit these ideas at the end of month.  It might not seam like it but we are making progress.  Our (MY) progress isn't the kind that will make the front page news.  It is slow but steady.  I know that at the end of the year I might not look different but I will be different.  Isn't that how we are supposed to live our lives!  I end this the same way I end my prayer.  This little reminder of why I do everything is important. 

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