Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day

Pooker and Dad are huge baseball fans.  You can't make other plans on opening day.  Even though we were born in St. Louis we are NOT Cardinal fans.  For some unknown reason J is a huge Cub fan.  No one can explain it and his family tried to cure him for years.  When we married I decided that it would be best to just join in much to the dismay of my own family. 
Not having cable anymore had my family a little worried about how they would ever see any of the games this year at all.  They were thrilled to learn about the MLB channel that is available for the Roku and for Apple TV.  For the minimal fee of $129.99 a season we get all the games except those in local markets. 
The great news is that the Cubs are not local.  The kids are thrilled.  J is happy or at least he was until the Cubs lost.

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