Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I love winter - but it attacked me!

I have not hidden the fact that I love winter.  I enjoy the colder weather.  I so enjoy building snow men.  I have even been quoted as saying that I even find ice storms to be beautiful.  All that is true until the winter attacked me personally!  Our third ice storm of the season was much colder the past ones.  It felt worse as it had come off of a warm weekend of 70's and now it was below 32 and raining.  The older kids headed off to school and got their with little problems.  We were watching morning news, all about the election when we heard a load snap and crunch.  We thought it was the van but no, it was dad's Volvo.  It is an older car with very little miles and is (I mean was) in wonderful shape. 


OK, we lost several limbs today.  I am so thankful that no one got hurt.  Ice and branches fell all day long but in the end the only real damage was to the car..  They landed all over the yard and on the garage.  In the end it was pretty.  Now how about some snow!?!

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