Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Little Irish in Our Step

A new adventure for this family for sure.  You would think that with a name like Shannon from the clan of Maloney that I would have tried this before.   My children are not so happy that I have pushed for this adventure for them now.  The oldest ones are happy that they are too grown up for me to introduce a new thing for them to try.  I decided around Christmas time that I wanted the kids to experience this for this semesters PE.  As luck would have it, the day after I started contacting Irish Dance schools around here the homeschool group was notified that one of the schools was offering a discounted introduction homeschool class for our Bread Of Life group.  As you can imagine I was thrilled.  This opportunity fell into our laps.  The cost (for now) is a fraction of what it normally is so we will stick with this homeschool dabble-in-it version for the rest of the school year.  Then if the kids have interest and talent we will decide the best way to continue.  For now I have so enjoyed watching the kids jump around the house while keeping their knees in position and their arms stiff.  Not sure where this will end up but I am most thankful that my kiddos gave it a try.  My group even has some talent!

I will say that this was fun and I hope we can continue past our little trial.  If you have Irish Danced and have had positive experiences please leave us a comment.  If you have blogged about how much you loved your time dancing please send us the link.  My kids need to see that this is a normal fun activity.  It is way out of their comfort zone.

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  1. Hi Shannon!

    Here's a link to a post that I shared about my experiences Irish dancing as a child. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics scanned into my computer from back then, but when I do I will notify you!!!

    Hope all is well! Carolyn Waters was looking for you on Facebook! I knew you have been "quiet", but I didn't realize you were no longer on-line. Should I send her your blog link???

    Take care,


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