Saturday, January 25, 2014

KOC 2nd and 3rd Degree

J and Bear went through the induction ceremonies for 2nd and 3rd degrees.  The family was not invited as it is a member's only event.  J has always wanted to pursue time with the Knights.  He told his grandfather, Papa, years ago that he would.  I think J was very proud that Bear, now an adult, was wanting to be a knight and proceed to the 3rd level of introduction with him.  This was something that they did together.  I am sure they will continue their service work with the knights while enjoying time as father and son.  

What are the degrees all about?  I wasn't sure and the guys are sworn to secrecy.  I did some digging and found this on the internet:

The Primary Principles of the Knights of Columbus: 
Charity is the foremost principle of the Knights of Columbus and, as such, it is the  primary  focus of the 1st degree of initiation into the brotherhood. There are three degrees of initiation, each corresponding to a separate virtue: charity (1st degree), unity (2nd degree), and fraternity (3rd degree). The final (optional) degree, or 4th degree, focusses on the  virtue of patriotism.
                                                          ~ St. Vincent's Council

I am sure that J's grandfather would be very proud of both these guys today!

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