Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Celebration T Family Style

 We had to do things differently this year.  Pooker had to work so the plan was that we would meet at 11 P.M. Mass so we could all go together and begin the New Year with Our Lord .  In the end one of the little ones acted sick in the afternoon so the kids headed off to Mass with Dad and I staying home with Jumba and the twins.  By midnight the bug had passed and we were all feeling better. Dad and I spent that time preparing the feast that we often have on New Years.  Everyone tells me their favorite There is no main course just lots of fun treats.  It takes forever to prepare but J and I had fun getting it ready this year.  It felt like a gift we gave to the kids when they arrived home from Mass.  (J and I did enjoy going together the next morning alone as a couple.  Again it wasn't what we planned but a delightful surprise.) It still makes my mouth water just looking at the pictures. 

My precious Beautiful was getting tired even after a long nap but as the big kids came home she perked right up.
Adorable could not wait to eat that yummy food.
Thank you God for allowing us to be able to organize all of this, afford the treats and spend time with each other.

I love that our toast always ends as a prayer.  Most people would not enjoy ending one year and starting the next the way we do. 

We have all that we need and want right here.  Maybe someday J and I will celebrate at parties with friends but to be honest this is what makes us happy.  We have ended 2013 in the perfect way with each other.  May 2014 be another year filled with the love of each other and a full house. 

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