Monday, December 30, 2013

A Frozen Adventure to End the Year

OK, we are not super adventurous but we did head out to see a movie together as the year ended.  This isn't as easy as it first appears considering we have so many kiddos going in so many different directions.  We did it though, we all got the movies together.  We saw Frozen.  Some of us loved it while others didn't love it.  It was a little different than the usual Disney Princess movie.  I liked that actually.   The twins were great until the last 5 minutes.  Maybe we can see a few more movies together now that the babies are bigger.   I enjoyed sitting next too 12 of my favorite people, listening to them giggle, listening to them explain things to the little ones, listening to their thoughts.  I loved that the most. 
I did see this article before seeing the movie and it gave me pause to think.  I like that in the end the winning love was not from a Kiss but from a selfless act! 
I love these guys!  What a great year we have had! 
Thank you God for all the blessings of 2013! 

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