Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mid-Night Mass

This year we changed our routine up a little.  Instead of an early afternoon Mass we went to Midnight Mass.  I loved that it wasn't that crowded but we were wiped out for sure. We were asked to be the family that brought in the baby Jesus.  A few of the younger ones took on that job with Princess holding the honor of placing the Baby in the manger.  Pickle served.  I went to the cry room for a short time with the twins.  We were all over the place during this Mass but we were all together for Mass.  We changed our schedule because Pooker had to work.  It did change the flow of the night a little bit but what we celebrate is that we were able to change things up and still ALL be together.  The kids are growing and things will change but we are MOST thankful for the ability to be together during this very special Mass.   

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