Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Getting Ready

Christmas is not just the pretty tree pictures.  It is also a messy house, wrapping paper everywhere and everyone panicking because they can't find something. 
The twins are at a wonderful age.  They don't see the dirty walls or the unfolded clothes or even the empty checkbook.  They just hug and kiss and love us no matter what.
 Because of that there are others that will gladly give up their time to prepare something for the little ones. 
 Or other elves that purchase bubbles just to make getting ready more fun.
 Sugar even took the time to curl my hair as wrapped the last of the gifts.
Kat and Larry brought gifts over for the twins giving Adorable (their God- Child) her first tablet. 
 Here Bear is getting Beautiful dressed for Midnight Mass.
 While Kat dressed Adorable.

In the end we do have that pretty tree picture after St. Nick visits.  He came very late as we had gone to midnight Mass.  I still need to wash those walls but they can't be seen in the pretty shots. 

 The truth is that it is very hard to get to these last two pictures.  We are often surrounded by pictures from the blog world, Pinterest, and Facebook of the end result. I just want you all to know that it often takes a little ugly to create the pretty shots.  I don't want to post the bad stuff because this is my family album but the truth is that there is some ugly.  Look at these last two pictures again and know that we worked very hard to get here.  The tree shot is of the three gifts that Santa brings each child.  Jesus got three gifts and so do we.  I know we are blessed to be able to afford the nice gifts that they kids get.  We feel so blessed to be able to give it to them.  These gifts at the fireplace are the kids gifts to each other, to J and I and some are from out of town family.  This last picture makes we cry.  Most of the little kids give gifts that are under a $1 but they are wrapped and are often the favorites.  They represent true love and nothing else.  Thank you God for this beautiful family.

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