Monday, November 18, 2013

Bye St. Louis

You know why I was in St. Louis and that did take up most of my visit but I did have some time to just enjoy being with family and with friends.  During my visit I loved seeing the colors of fall.  I hear that I was about one week late but I still saw lots of beauty.  

One advantage to having iphones was that we could face time often.  I found it hard to see the kids and not be able to kiss on them. 

While shopping with mye om for comfy shoes for the wake I ran into a woman that kept staring at me.  I introduced myself and we realized we knew each other.  This was a co-worker of J's from
 years ago.  She made a point to tell me to pass on a message to J.  She would still love to work for him again. He is a good guy. 
My cousins once removed.  These sisters incredibly sad at loosing their grandmother.

I was together with my siblings and it was fun.  My sister Katie on the far left now lives in California, Kee-Ke and Mimi live next door to each other not far from here I grew up. I am next to my only brother.  Joe is the youngest and lives close to my mom. 
Yeah, Miss B was there also.
My cousin Ree-Ree took me on a tour of her new soon to be finished home.  Her daughter open an acceptance letter into her college of choice while I was there. I loved the house!!!
More face time and this time the twins were blowing mommy kisses.
You know I worked a Ted-Drews visit in.
Puzzle Warehouse was an awesome adventure.  I think my mind was numb by the time we left.  So many puzzle pieces. 
I love that time with family.
Even the time with my sister's dog that was hurt during the visit.  My nephew was so good to the doggy. 
The best part of the visit was that my cousin once removed (so my cousin's daughter) was scheduled to visit Houston for a visit for business.  I just happened to be booked for the same flight.  So cool.  I love St. Louis but more importantly I love being home with my husband and kiddos again. 

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