Monday, November 18, 2013

Jenny Flew to Houston with Me

My cousin Jenny flew home with me.  She had business in the area this week.  I love that we got to share a flight.  That means rides to and from airports were that much more exciting. 
So my homecoming I shared with our cousin and I bet you can guess where we had to take her to eat.  Our favorite Mexican restaurant is Chuys.  (So if you visit you visit it is likely we will all venture to this family friendly spot. We love it so much that we use every visitor as an excuse to indulge.)  Jenny was a trooper.   
As my First-Cousin-Once-Removed I would expect nothing less.  This was a huge part of the conversation at the table.  The kids wondered at first what J did to be removed but then came to the conclusion that it must be me.  Jenny removed me. No matter the case this bunch of Second-Cousins enjoyed good fun and crazy conversations.
Poor girl will go home happy that we are now the Texas T family.  It was very nice having a little flavor of family follow me home.  We shared with everyone at the table about the wake and the funeral.  It was nice to not have all the family time end when I left St. Louis.  True to fashion it was hot and humid when we landed.  We are supposed to have a temperature drop before she heads home.  Locally we have had a few cold nights, making the leaves here change earlier than December or January.  If it is cold when she leaves she will not understand why I hate Texas, oh well.  I love having a little bit of family and St. Louis with me.

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