Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Such Cuties

It is getting impossible to spend time at Mass with these two cuties.  They want to spend all their time talking to everyone they meet.  Their joy is contagious.  It is best that we walk out during Mass.  I spent 30 minutes enjoying the cool morning temperatures with these two crawling around in the beautiful garden in the courtyard between the church that is being worked on and the space we are using for Mass.  I love these two they are just so cute.  Their original due date is today.  They are almost 14 months old as they were born very early.  God gave us such a gift.  We were not expecting it but we sure appreciate it.  I love all my babies and right now I am enjoying the twins and how much each one reminds me of the other children.  I know they think I love the twins more but the reality is that I love the how the twins remind me of all my other babies. 

Adorable - Beautiful


Adorable - Beautiful

Twin Adorable and Twin Beautiful are such cuties.  I love you girls, always and forever.

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