Saturday, June 1, 2013

They ate More Cuda Bubbles


So our first away meet was upon us.  J dropped the older bunch off and we joined them after they did their warm ups.  It was going to be a very very hot day.  We arrived just in time to see the issue with a  team mate go to another level.  We were/are disheartened by that situation.  I guess having a child be one of the fastest swimmers just makes that one a target for others.  We need to work on being gracious no matter if we win or lose.  (Not easy for any of us.)  I hope that in the end we are taking the higher road.  Did I mention how much I dislike spoiled children?

The family was having fun and trying to make the most of an extremely hot day:
Notice that the feels like temperature is 104.  It was so hot hot hot. This was very trying on all of us.  We kept pushing pickles, water, watermelon and anything and everything to hydrate all those little bodies.  Sugar sat down to eat something and ended up having a severe allergic reaction.

 As we have talked about before Sugar is deadly allergic to all shellfish.  Her reaction started just after she took a bite of a Chicken Salad with a cracker from a package like this.  This was so scary as we could not find any shellfish anywhere.  I did call the company the next day and they have assured me that there is not any cross contamination.  So our doctor is running more tests.  It was stated that this reaction could have just been a perfect storm as Sugar's body was in shock from the exercise, heat and then over exposure to some preservatives that are in pickles and other packaged items.  Poor baby.  I look forward to seeing the results from the other tests.
Sugar is fine after a day of being tired from the reaction and subsequent medicines.  This is a very scary allergy.
All and all the need to run to the ER was a great distraction from other swim issues.  It really was a God Send as it reminded us to focus on what was really important.  We have great little swimmers and are so happy that Sugar has survived another anaphylaxis attack. Cudas won again 3 for 3 isn't bad!

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