Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cuda Casino Night

The annual fund raiser was here for the swim team.  Casino night is always a fun outings.  I can't say we ever gamble at all except to try it a little to use our funny money.  I have learned that I am not as adventurous as my girls.  Pooker and Goobers will give the tables a try with their Daddy at their side.  No worries for mom as I prefer the social time with neighbors.  Coach Goobers and the former Coach Pooker came to help celebrate all things Cuda.  

We love the auction portion of the night but didn't stay.  This was a fun evening.  J and I ended up leaving early because Sugar was sitting for us and she had been through so much this day.  We all slept soundly.  I think the Cudas made a little money as well.

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