Saturday, June 22, 2013

C-1 Divisional Meet / GO CUDAS

It all comes down to this.  The final event of the normal season.  The Cudas are undefeated going into this event but is all depends on how we swim today.

I spent my time in this room in dealing with the medals and ribbons.  So much work goes into every aspect of swim team. 
WE can't be accused of not cheering for our fellow Cudas.
We are always tired by divisionals, but closer.  Swim has a great effect on this crazy family.

So how did we swim after all that cheering, all those medals and ribbons and all that effort . . .
  First Place goes to the Northampton Cudas: 
Cudas 374
Canes 264
Marlins 250
Stingrays 184
Waves 173

 Congrats kiddos, the trophy looks good on you.

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