Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lots and lots of Laundry

This happens every so many weeks, I become overwhelmed with the laundry.  It takes so much work to keep up with laundry much less catch up.  I had enough  and I packed the laundry into 14 of those huge buckets and I headed to a laundromat.

 On average we wash about 4 loads a day, but that means I need to have time and the machines need to be working properly.
 Then I met my new best friends.  These machines hold 7 loads per cycle.  I want one for my home!  I also need some of the heavy duty dryers.
We got pizza and got everyone involved in sorting, folding and putting away the 44 loads that I washed and dried that afternoon.
 Sugar tried to hide from all the work and dad fell asleep with the twins.
I  would love to say that the laundry is done, but who am I kidding . . .with 11 kiddos it will never even get close.  My dreams are now include a very large washing machine and two industrial dryers.

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