Saturday, April 13, 2013

Changes at Church

At the start of Holy Week the red sash was added to the cross behind the alter.  I also see a platform under the statue that was not there the day before.  Changes are coming so I took some pictures to show them off to friends as they happened.   3/26
This is where the Tabernacle is at the beginning of Holy Week at Sts. Simon and Jude Parish.  This chapel sits opposite end of the building as the current alter in main sanctuary.  This means that as people enter the building they turn opposite the main sanctuary to genuflect to our Lord and then turn around to enter main church. 

We were so excited to see the holder for the sanctuary candle hanging on the wall. 
I loved seeing the other changes too.  A stone stand was now in place behind the alter table.
On Holy Thursday the alter was taken out of this small chapel and then put in a temporary place for adoration (in the garden) until Good Friday. 
This was a beautifully done ceremony.  I love how respectful it was to the true presents of Christ in the Eucharist.  I love the devotion that I see from the people of this parish.   Then the fun was to be found on Easter morning when the old Tabernacle had found a new home. 
I don't love all the art work of this parish.  The design is so late 70's but the parish has a feel of love that I have not found in the surrounding places.  I mistakenly thought that the people were very  non traditional based on the style.  When I have grown to realize is that is not the case.  The original parishioners are more than willing to make changes and I love the the priest has been incredibly respectful of blending the original style with more traditional features.  Making the a place that really is the Church on Earth.   I am thrilled that we have been told that the cross will soon have a corpus. 

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