Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bye Bye Books Bye Bye

The involvement with Book Are Fun was a great experience that has reached an end. 
It started as a part time way to have a side source of income and involve the kiddos. That was not what happened due to poor choices and unforeseen circumstances. Sadly we ended up with a full time pain.
 It was almost therapeutic boxing up our inventory and returning it to the company. The project lasted longer and was more difficult that we expected. It was such a wonderful feeling to sit down at the end of all that work with some pizza and conversation with the kids. So in the goal of helping our family to grow closer together worked in spite of the obstacles.

There have been so many heart aches with this adventure. (Please offer a prayer that we can settle the accounting situation without needing to hire an attorney.) I will only say that I am extremely proud of my husband. J has an incredible drive to forgive and to do things for others even when they don't see it.

One individual is saying nasty things about J implying he isn't trust worthy. He wanted J to quit his real full time job. This is SHOCKING considering we know how little money was actually made. It isn't/wasn't nearly enough to cover anything like a full time position for two individuals plus the part time work of the young ones.

My children could not continue to work for pennies as they need to pay for college. We are most thankful for the four months of their "volunteering" with a little allowance and I mean little, the math was done and it was around $.40 per hour! Even if we had just "hired" one of our kids they would have worked many many hours with still no pay.  Really the income is too minimal, hopefully J's departure will allow others to earn enough to make ends meet. It really is sad. It is amazing how differently people can see the same situation.
  We wish all well and will continue to search for the business adventure that will fit us better.   For now it is bye bye. 

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