Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Surprise "Shout Out" to a Blog-Fan

I am working hard to catch up the blog but we have been very busy doing wonderful things.  I am still blogging about Father's visit to Houston (and that was weeks ago!)   So much is happening.  The quick summary while we wait for the posts with pictures is that we are now in St. Louis.  Goobers, Bear, Sugar and Possible are going to join with Father's parish bus that travels to Washington, D.C. for the annual March For Life.  (I am so proud of them as I know it will change their lives - I met Fr. Tom on the 1989 March For Life and we have been close friends ever since.)

So here we are in St. Louis trying to do a little sight seeing before the big kids take off for D.C.  We went to The Magic House for a little fun for the day.  As Miss Brenda and I stood with the twins while Fr. Tom took my crowd and our stl buddy Katie into an exhibit this beautiful woman came to chat with me.  I must say that she made my day as she recognized me from this blog.  She knew me as Neen and the twins by Adorable and Beautiful.  She teased me, saying I was a celebrity.  I must say that it was an honor to have her approach and say hello.  I am so excited that a few fans read the blog without knowing the family and find our lives interesting.  Cathy home schools her beautiful daughter Grace along with two teenage boys.

She told me that her college age daughter is also a fan of the blog so I suggested that we take this picture and surprise her daughter with it the next time she checks in on the T. Family. "Hello to Cathy's daughter it was so nice to meet your mom and sister."  Cathy found our blog from Blair's Blessings another friend of mine and blogger that writes about her fun life as a Catholic homeschooling mom.  I feel comfortable speaking for Blair as I thank Miss Cathy and her daughters for their affection, prayers and appreciation.
Cathy you made my day, thank you for recognizing us and saying hi.


  1. Yes, you definitely speak for me too! Thank you for being a sweet visitor to our blogs and for visiting with Neen!

  2. What a treat to meet you! As we walked around The Magic House afterward I kept saying to Grace "I can't belive that happened; did that really just happen?" She would look at me with a little grin and nod her head. I really do feel like I met a celebrity!! After reading your blog for so long, to actually meet you and your precious twins was really wonderful. Thank you for writing such a great blog and for being such a good Catholic witness to the Faith. And it was you that made my day!!! God bless you, Neen and family!


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