Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve Celebration Focused on a Sweet 16

This year we broke with the tradition of having a very quiet, family only night at home.  We expanded our guest list to include Sugar's friends and all the families that she is close too.  This beauty turned 16 at the beginning of September this year.  We were not able to party with all of the craziness that life was throwing at us then.  She waited and waited but we had to get the party in before the next year.  After days of cleaning and planning the rains started to fall.   With a confirmed response of over 80 people we decided to make the last minute move to the neighborhood clubhouse.  This is when the real fun began.  We were cooking at one location, decorating and setting up at another.  Our friend Father Tom flew in and we put him right to work, He used his skills as a pastor to help us with the set up and decorating with all the table and chairs.  You will notice from the pictures that Sugar loves orange and she led a contest of her guests for the best use of orange.   Pooker and Goobers even took the time to alter the pinata to make it orange (great job Pooker and Goobers!)  In the end we had a fabulous time with fun for all ages.  

Happy 16th year to my beautiful SUGAR!  and HAPPY 2013 to the rest of us.
Sugar and her dearest friend Kat.
Sugar with Fr. Tom.
Members of the L family.

Adorable - Beautiful
Members of my orange clan.
The food spread.  Yummy!
"Let's Dance" for the Wii was a blast on the big screen.

Everyone had a blast, here Pooker leads the way.
Goobers added an orange hair piece.
The orange balloons were a huge hit.
The woman enjoy "Let's Dance" after the guys started the trend and made it look easy.

The big kids like the pinata as much as the little ones did!
Being that it was New Years Eve some of us took the time to ponder for a few minutes.
So many wonderful friends came to help us celebrate.
Happy Birthday Sugar.
Beautiful hung out with Father to make sure he wasn't too bored!  (He promises that he was just tired from a very busy Advent and Christmas season as a priest.  Poor guy came to visit us to rest. Silly guy!)

In real life (not in the blog name world) these two beauties share the same name.  I remember first hearing Adorable's other name when I met this young lady almost 10 years ago.  I always loved it.
At the right time we watched the ball drop and popped our poppers, used our music makers and drank our bubblies.

Great fun was had by all!   Thanks to all that helped us celebrate Sugar's B-day. 
 Happy New Year Everyone 
                       Welcome to 2013  

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