Saturday, December 29, 2012

A month without the Van

A while back I shared that we were having a run of bad luck.  If it could go wrong it has.  We have needed so much work on our big family van.  God has protected us and we have not had any injuries.  We have been blessed with wonderful mechanics working on our van.  

V-8 Engine pistons on a crack-shaft in picture

My understanding is the the crank shaft of an engine should look like the above picture but the one from our van broke.  This is rare I am told but completely broken is what happened here.  No one got hurt, even though it broke while Pooker and Goobers were driving on the Beltway in rush hour traffic.  
 It took a month and a day to rebuild the engine with some new parts.  It was a very long month and we would go by and visit the big car.  It looked silly with the engine gone and in pieces.
The van is finished and we are thrilled.  We are told it will go strong for another 100,000 miles.
We owe our sincere thanks to our friends that all those that have worked on the van and all those that helped us with rides, cars and offers of help.

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