Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Very Special Day

Adorable - Beautiful

After a huge debate my husband and I concluded that the girls would share the baptismal gown by having one twin wear the dress and the other one wear the slip.  This was one of those little issues that came up because of having twins but we think they both looked beautiful in the dress that each of their sister's wore.  The dress was made for Pooker by Jason's mom from her mother's wedding dress.  (You can see our struggle with this decision here.)  The twins were actually baptized in the hospital by J just after birth, remember they were so early and tiny.  So this was set up to start the paperwork so that later they can receive the other sacraments.  They were old enough to not like the cold water but to enjoy the attention of everyone watching them.   Adorable is in the dress in all pictures and Beautiful is in the slip, both looking fabulous.

We picked Mr. T and Kat as Adorable's God Parents.
We picked Mr and Mrs W to be Beautiful's God parents.
We were so lucky to have our dear friend Fr. Tom to visit and to officiate the Baptism.

We were so blessed to have so many friends able to join us to witness this event and to help us celebrate!!

One of my personal favorite parts of the baptism is the blessings for mom and then for dad.

We are off to a great start for the New Year.  Thank you to the God Parents!  Thank you to Father.  Thank you to all our friend that helped us celebrate!
Welcome into the family of God:   
         Twin Adorable and Twin Beautiful!

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  1. OH, how wonderful--congratulations!! That was a great compromise on the gown (s)!


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