Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Rest of Father's Visit

Not sure why everyone is making a gross face but I know they were having fun.  We decided to take Fr. Tom to the drive in to see a couple of movies.  We lucked out as the weather wasn't too bad, there was even a cool breeze.  The W family joined us.  

The movies were great but it is always fun to see movies at the drive in.  The twins were OK but wanted to eat the entire evening.  Beautiful was fussy until she exploded with a poopy diaper.  Goobers got to take care of that one, Thank You So Much Goobers!
 The bigger kids also took Father Tom kayaking on Lake Woodlands.  We don't have any pictures, I wasn't able to follow the group to the lake to take pictures because the twins wanted to eat and eat and eat.

The last day was a quiet one.  J, the twins and I took Father to breakfast.   We then went home to have a casual day full of relaxing and conversation, oh and lots of baby hugs and kisses.

We left home only to fill up at Chuys. 

 We go every time Father visits, so we couldn't break the tradition.   

After food we headed home for more puzzle time.

Pooker was a little "too" into the puzzle.

When Father left we were all sad.  As always we enjoy his fun visits!  We love you Father Tom.  Thank you for the visit.

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