Friday, July 6, 2012

Bowling and Fireworks - Happy 4th

It has become a tradition to go bowling before the fireworks begin on the 4th of July.  We have learned that to get a great parking spot all we have to  do is bowl.  The advantage is while waiting for fireworks we kill time inside with the air conditioning all while getting a parking spot that gives us a quick get away after the show is over.  We took all of our BBQ buddies with us and Fr. Tom. Mom and the twins stayed behind.  The pictures would suggest that everyone had a blast.  

Possible -  Pooker - Kat

Dad and his buddies.
Mr. S - J - Mr. D - and Mr. T

Best Buddies
Kat - Sugar

Fr. Tom - Bagel

Now it is time for the Fireworks!

Back to the D house after the fireworks.  The kindling had been saved for three years.  There were no bonfires after last years drought, so the stack was pretty big.  It burned very fast.  The four story fire only alerted 7 neighbors to call the fire department.  Fun night after a fun afternoon.

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  1. We had our final dress rehearsal for 42nd Street on the 4th! Didn't get to see the fireworks but they were going off like crazy during the finale!


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