Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cute People in My Life

Sugar - Possible
Let's mess around with mom's camera on her phone!
Possible - Sugar - Possible

Twin Adorable
So much more alert this month.  We all sit at giggle at the expressions from the babies.
Twin Adorable

Twin Beautiful
One is just as cute as the other one!
Adorable - Beautiful in MZ's Arms

Pooker's good friend from high school came by to say hi.  She asked Pooker to be in her up coming wedding.  She looks a little freaked out holding a screaming baby Beautiful.  She said that the baby was so tiny she was afraid she was hurting her.

Adorable - Beautiful
Someone commented on how the babies always seam so happy.  That is an example of me just posting the positive.  Pickle thinks they look "so adorable when they cry!"  You can tell he hasn't lost much sleep from them  I must agree though.  They really are too cute.  I think I might add cereal soon, to spread out the night feedings.  I would like a little more sleep.
Dad with Beautiful
Dad sure loves his girls.

Adorable - Beautiful
They still do a lot of sleeping still.  I think they are looking more and more alike but still very different.

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  1. Cute people in your life for sure!!! All of them!


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