Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Mom Hair Cut

Growing up I always thought that once you hit a certain age you have to get your hair cut short.  No one told me that age and I kept having children and time passed and I never was told to go cut my hair.  

My hair is an issue here in Houston.  I have very, very think hair.  I have gone from long to shoulder length but I always let it grow out.  I always resort to the length it was when I graduated high school;  a longer style, just a few inches over my shoulders.  Here in Houston my longer hair would frizz up.  No matter how long it got, it never looked longer.  It would tangle up into that 2 inches over the shoulder look.   

The twins have changed my life yet again.  I found that while nursing two babies at one time, while giving bottles to two babies at one time, or even while burping two at a time meant that no hands were free to force the baby (or babies) to let go of my hair.  On top of that the Houston humid heat is back.  The rains have let up and it is hot - hot - hot.  I can't find swim suits small enough, so we must avoid the pool.  My showers were taking too much time.  I would feed the babies, get in the shower and very soon hear the little ones telling me that the babies were waking up.  It was not time to eat again but they were needing diaper changes.  I needed to be able to get in and out of shower much quicker.    

So I pulled the trigger, I told myself that I was old enough.  I had to explain to the lady that I would not be upset with a short style.  I don't think she would have believed me until I told her about the twins and that they were child 10 and 11.   I know my hair has tons of body and with so much of it my styles are limited.  A medium length style is just annoying, not long enough to pull out curls and not short enough to get me in and out of shower quickly.  After all is said and done, I like the end result.  It is short but I like it.  The kids say I look too much like Mimi, my mom.  The last laugh is on them, someday my children will look like me and as a result look like my mom as well.  Good thing she is so cute!  Love you Mimi, and I love my new look.

I don't know if I will let it grow out again.  I got it cut once almost as short when Pooker was little. It didn't last long.  I remember in 4th grade and then again as a freshman in highschool.  None of those times lasted.  My new motivation to keep it short might be the amount of money I will save on shampoo and conditioner.   Oh well, I can sum this up by saying that I love that my life is continuing to change because of the twins.  Only God knows what else they will change in my life.  


  1. I LOVE it!!! I think you look so beautiful...and not just b/c of the haircut, BUT it really is flattering on you. Unlike you, I have very fine, straight hair. So often times, a shorter haircut is actually more flattering on me b/c it allows for body and flow/movement. I have gone thru different stages in life between short and medium hair. I've never had long hair. Ever. Just too fine and stringy! :( I usually find myself cutting my hair about 10-12 weeks post-partum b/c the beautfiul thinck locks I am able to grow during pregnancy quickly begin to fall out.

    I'm not sure either if there is a particular "age" where women are no longer supposed to wear "long" hair. In the past, I do think it was not considered appropriate for women past age 40 to wear it long, but I think that conventional wisdom has flown out the window! I see so many women in their 40s and 50s with the straight, long, hair, BUT, and this is a HUGE "BUT"...none of them that I know have kiddos our age!!!

    Your exactly right...the twins are changing your life...and it is always wonderful to embrace that change!!!!

    1. It fits you well! You look refreshed and ready to go. You are fighting the good fight and you keep the rest of us going strong as well. Thanks for sharing your life with us. God bless you.

  2. In my very humble opinion, I think it is fantastic and I am a bit envious as Cecilia again has a handful of mine. Ouch!


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