Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Possible Enjoying a Boring Day at College

Possible got her day at college before the semester ended.  Pooker was upset because everything was already closed for the semester.  Pooker didn't mind she still had fun hanging out with her big sister.  They spent most of their time packing Pooker up.  We are all thrilled that she will be home for a few months over the summer.  I know she would rather be out on her own in an apartment, what 21 year old who has freedom  wants to move back into mom and dad's house with rules.  Anyway I am thrilled.  I was upset at the beginning of this pregnancy because my whole family would not ever been under one roof.  Well Pooker is letting my desire of mine come true for a short time.  She will be here to enjoy the twins arrival home and for as long as she can stay with us we will have everyone under one roof.  Thank you God and Thank you Pooker.  You are an excellent big sister and I am trilled that Possible got her Pooker time and that M and M will get a little as well.

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