Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Frozen Custard Debate Continues

Uncle Brent and Aunt Julie wanted some girl time so they brought the girls out from Mimi's to St. Charles to babysit and then to treat to some ice cream.  Goobers has always been close to Uncle Brent as he is her God-Father and always make sure she feels special.  These silly North County people think that Fritz's is good.  This is a huge debate among Mix-Marriages, you see I prefer Ted Drewes.  J is from the other side of the tracks.  It is amazing that our marriage has lasted.  No matter how short a visit is to St. Louis family always makes sure that we get some frozen custard.
 At least Fr. Tom has my back.  He made sure that the girls got Ted Drewes within a few days of the other.  In truth some kids like TD better and others TD but only one is known nationally as a St. Louis landmark.
 They know hold a wall of hats from different celebrities that have tried and liked the place.  Sugar grabbed this of one of the two Jonas Brothers signed hats.  Even though she is a fan of the JB she actually prefers Fritz's.  Either way the girls loved the time with their Aunt and Uncle and then with Fr. Tom and their March for Life buddies.  Mimi is still having tests done and nothing so far surgery wise.   They are enjoying their time her but also getting out for a few hours here and there, when Mimi will let them.
Fr. Tom decided that he just wasn't cool enough or something because he took Sugar to an empty parking lot and let her have her first drive behind the wheel.  Truth is I usually do that when they turn 15 but poor Sugar has Goobers and Bear both working on licenses so she hadn't had that fun yet.  Leave it to Fr. to make sure everyone has fun.

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