Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick protect us!

Not a call a mom wants to get while on the way home knowing that dad is out of town for the next two days . . . "Um mom, how do we get a SNAKE out of the house?"
The first thing I did, of course, knowing that my hubby has a snake phobia was to call him and tell him that God has sent a sign that it was time for us to move.  Dad did some research and called home.  When I got there the kids, with dad on the phone, had ruled out anything dangerous. 
The goal was not to hurt the thing but man those things can move when you put a snow shovel by them.  By the way Jumba didn't even know what the snow shovel was until I explained its shape to him (another sign it is time to move LOL).
Pickle and Princess watch "Billy the Exterminator" all the time.  They pretend to be exterminators every now and then but when a snake was spotted inside they climbed up on chairs.  Nice guys, make the pregnant mommy take care of it.  That isn't really a fair statement because Goobers and Sugar had it trapped and were working on how to get it out before I got home.
I think it is funny that the snake shows up this close to St. Patrick's Day, IF WE ONLY LIVED IN IRELAND - THIS WOULD NEVER BE A PROBLEM.  I am sorry but I think that I wasn't as gentle with the snake as I wanted to be, I don't think it made it.  Sorry to all you snake lovers.


  1. EEEEK! Coincidentally, Benjamin found a snake OUTSIDE of our house last night! He told me he was going out to play and the next thing I know he was screaming like a little girl and sobbing about some "snake" that almost bit him. I went out to find a snake very similar in size to the one you showed. Our neighbor heard the commotion and came over to see. Told us it was a "corn" snake. Not sure myself, but he picked it up and took it home to show his own kids!

  2. Way to go mama!!!! I'm not so sure I'd be able to get the darn thing, I'd be squirming and screaming though!!

    we love watching Billy the Exterminator too!

  3. I'd probably freak out. I'm petrified of stink bugs so I don't know what I'd do if I found a snake!


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