Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mom's Birthday Lunch

I don't put much celebration into my birthday.  This year is not going like I thought it would anyway.  God is sending all kinds of surprises.   These two precious souls growing inside of me are making me feel so old.  It took me days to recoup from all the walking for Mardi Gras.  The swelling went down in my feet after spending the rest of the week trying to teach with my feet up.  Not easy to do.  The little ones are enjoying the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis.  So we were able to read and rest at the same time. 
My birthday was on Friday.  We went to our friends house to do stations of the Cross and to have dinner.  It was nice being with all these friends again.  We brought two cookie cakes for after dinner and another dad also had a birthday.  We had a great time with friends.  It is always so nice to have the entire family together.  I love all my babies and it was a treat to meet a lady and her two month old twin baby girls.  She admitted that she was very tired as her twins took her to five children with the oldest being just 4 years old.  Her mom took her to lunch with the red headed girl twins to get her out of the house.   It helped me to see those adorable babies.  Maybe we will get there someday!!!
We all had a blast at lunch and enjoyed the brief time we were all together. Thanks to all for the wonderful birthday wishes. God bless this next year in my life - no matter what it holds.


  1. Happy birthday and God bless you!!!

    (and those sweet babies!!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Neen! God bless all your babies!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I absolutely love the pictures of you and your entire family :) I think that being surrounded by your family(well - and lots of cake) are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!!!


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