Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BOL Homeschool Valentine Party

When we first started homeschooling many centuries ago, one thing I was often asked about was, "What about Valentine's day?" I must admit that it did sit in the back of my mind. I always liked the parties at school and the creative side of making Valentines. When Pooker was school aged we were still in St. Louis and still having parties with cousins. I miss those times very much but fear not the rest of my children get to have their Valentine Party and Homeschool.
Our current homeschool group does a great job of this. The ages are divided so you know how many cards to bring and then we set out our boxes and share our Valentines. We love this homeschool group. The afternoon at the park was perfect. In between several rainy cold days we had a sunny day of 75 degrees. Perfect day with our Bread of Life Friends at the park.

We love you dear friends.  Thank you for making our day so special!  Thank you also for the wonderful treats and fun wishes that we found on every creative Valentine we got.

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  1. I'm praying for you and those sweet babies!!

    I, like you, thought right away about Valentine's day for my kiddos too, when thinking about homeschooling! SO, I've always hosted a V-day party. Until this year, trying to keep away germs for the baby. (Because of RSV season)
    Glad you have such a wonderful homeschool group!

    Yes, his weight is a concern,he needs to be 10 lbs before surgery on his lip, hopefully by 3-4 months. I guess Cleft lip/palate babes gain slower because it's harder to eat...but he eats a ton, I'm pumping a ton anyway!


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